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M26 and M46 Pershing, M47, M48, M60 Patton, and M103 Family of Vehicles

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Jeffry Fontaine:
The original image and links that I posted for a really interesting M60 Patton III have vanished.  So welcome to the topic on the M26, M46 (and M45), M47, M48, M60, and M103 Family of vehicles. 

Definitely nice detail work - very realistic.  Thanks for posting.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Paul A. Owen posted this question on the forum at Track-Link in this topic titled M26 in British Service:

Paul askes the question:
--- Quote ---In "The Universal Tank" by David Fletcher, he states that the British had ordered 500 M26 and received a "handful" at the end of the war. Although they were not used in service like the ones in the US Army were.

There is one photograph showing an M26 with the serial number "T345711".

Is there any other information on these few British M26 around?
--- End quote ---

Kurt Laughlin's reply:
--- Quote ---The Ordnance records show only six had been sent to the UK by V-J Day. I doubt they were used for anything but testing.

--- End quote ---

Some definite what-if potential for Pershings in British, Canadian, and other Commonwealth markings. 

Most definitely!


Mid-Life Upgrade for what-if export M26 and M46?


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