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Hi folks,

I was looking at this picture (see below) and wondered if we could set up an arms race for space fighters.  E.g.  Take F-102/F-104/F-106/Avro Arrow/MiG/Su...etc and whack on top of whopping booster to create ultimate interceptor/crude space fighter.

BTW, the picture actually shows a design proposal for a scaled-down, piloted three-stage space ship.

From the book "Worlds in Space"
by Martin Caidin
illustration by Fred L. Wolff

Okay, let's see......

Most of the booster kits are 1/144th scale, so take a 1/100th F-105 (there was one in the Ben Hobby/Tamiya range, but it's not been re-released yet), replace the wings & intakes with 1/72nd Starfighter wings, fit a smaller cockpit canopy, then put a pod on each wingtip. The idea is that the original jet nozzle is now a rocket motor for space flight, and the tip pods conceal small jet engines for cruise-to-landing, with jettisonable nose and tail cones. the overall configuration is a bit like a scaled-up Sud-Est Trident.

Any British equivalent would be hamstrung by the unsuitability of Britain as a launch site (too far north), so we'd probably go for air-launch, with something like an uber-Vulcan carrying a fighter derived from an SR.177 or Avro 720 with a tandem boost pack.

Make the date late enough, and you can use Concorde as a basis for the carrier instead. Here's a quick'n'dirty (but expensive) way to make the carrier: start with two 1/144th Concordes and one 1/72nd one. Graft the two 1/144th fuselages together nose to tip, fit the 1/72nd wings, then put all eight 1/144th engines under them. Blank all the windows off because it's just a flying fuel tank. Now add the space fighter of your choice.....

Have seen these before, Caidin made a series of space books, many with illustrations by my favorite artist Chesley Bonestell. Some of those space fighters actually launching from underground silos, others taking off from above ground bases right on the Manhattan waterfront.

A different take on this...

you mean like my Booster-Lightning ?

        not as silly as Spitfires in Space  (Dr Who's lost all cred in my world)


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