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Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Night Observation (STANO)


Jeffry Fontaine:
A spot to discuss all things related to STANO (Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Night Observation)

For a start, here is a link to an article I found this morning on Gizmodo for a back pack ground surveillance radar set that weighs approximately twenty pounds.  My previous exposure to such ground surveillance radar systems then in use by the U.S. Army and other NATO organizations had equipment such as the AN/PPS-4 and AN/PPS-5 ground surveillance radar systems that were far larger, much more cumbersome, and weighed several times as much as this little device. 

The only fault for this "own the night" system is that it is an active emitter which means the opposition can locate and defeat it by jamming or direct action.  When the GSR is used with passive systems such as the "starlight scope" night observation devices (NOD), night vision goggles (NVG) and thermal imaging systems it can be very effective. 

Google search results for Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Night Observation

Google search results for Ground Surveillance Radar

AN/TPS-25 Ground Surveillance Radar somewhere in Southeast Asia

(Image source: U.S. Army Center for Military History - FIELD ARTILLERY, 1954-1973 by MG David Ewing Ott, 1975 (CMH Pub 90-12))

U.S. Army training film - The AN/TPS-25 Ground Surveillance Radar (1962)


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