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Here's a few of the ideas from Mr. Jacque Fresco,
           co-founder of Revell Plastics, aircraft & space-station engineer, Futurist & Socio-cyber-engineer -- founder of "The Venus Project".
All these are buildable with 1970s technology.

Nuclear-powered Robotic Laser canal-digger

Constructors for high-rise "pod-housing" & a mini nuclear-reactor

I love these sort of concept...

very gerry anderson.....looks like they should be be in an episode of thunderbirds

Daryl J.:
Wasn't there a Fairey Rotodyne converted to a crane in Seattle's Modelfy category a decade or so ago?   Painted red if I recall correctly.   


The Teracuriser was originally to tow/launch the Mace missile but was also used as a transporter at the U.S. Antarctic base.

At the bottom of this page are a few photos of the Teracruiser Dump-truck (a civilian conversion) used in construction in the Netherlands ...


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