Author Topic: (1/72nd scale) 40mm Bofors L/56 Mk I Naval Mount [edited for clarity]  (Read 100 times)

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This is a quick and dirty sub-assembly build, slated to be mounted on a Kriegsmarine R-boat (kitbashed from an AIRFIX S-boat).

That's gonna take awhile, so in the interim I'm going for completing the low-hanging fruit.

It's not meant to be a super-detailed build, so there'll be no additional photo-etching or insane detailing work.
It is meant more to illustrate using alternative presentation mediums.

The 'deck' is an aluminum screened porch vent surplus from a home project.

For excessive details on the L/56 Bofors at sea, see

The gun kit is from the AIRFIX offering.

The base is a stub casing (from the era of trench art ash trays).

After a bath in white vinegar, it got some elbow grease and Brasso.

Stampings seem to indicate that it's a February 1943 Navy contract (little anchor) vintage case made by Lyon, Inc. of Detroit, Michigan (triangle L) for a Mk 1 Bofors (the aircooled L/56 that they mounted later in the war on PT boats as Jap barge busters).

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Re: (1/72nd scale) 40mm Bofors L/56 Mk I Naval Mount
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Interesting to see the project develop