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Risian Science vessel
« on: August 13, 2020, 06:11:48 AM »
Hello everybody and sorry for not giving any signs of life from about... 5 years.

Let's say that Star Trek Online happen in my life, and it happened a bit to much for my preferences, but still there are some interesting side effects like for example this SketchUp model.
between march and April dev's from STO create a series of podcast were they were experimenting with possible look of Risian sci vessel for this year summer event (i know that idea that planet size resprt can somehow produce space worthy battleship is a bit to much but who am I to argue ;p ) so i started to have some ideas...
It may not look like in that way but initial plan was to make fuselage similar to NSEA Protector, but with boat like front. Than those massive pylons and warp nacelles came to life but still something was missing until I realize that wings will do the trick and it turns out to look a bit like Startrekized plane from 'Tale Spin" :D
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