Author Topic: Opel Blitz Galore! - 1/100 resin 3D prints with additional scratchbuilt details  (Read 119 times)

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Hi guys

A few weeks ago, I received a big surprise from a friend:

Holly mackerel!!!  :icon_surprised: :icon_surprised: :icon_surprised:

After sorting everything out, I found out why they say that "orange is the new bloke"...

So the big question was: where to start???

And the answer was simple: get all those 1/100 Opel Blitz trucks and make some variants!

That's pretty much what I have been doing on and off between other projects for the last 2 month, give or take a week.

And I came up with 6 different models. Some totally real, some totally invented, and some 50/50  :smiley:

1. Radar unit (the one that started this craziness)

2. SAM missile (totally invented but based on the Rheintochter - at least in my head  ;) )

3. Crane (nothing fantastic but a good scratchbuilding exercise)

4. Snow Plow (after watching the Simpsons's "Snow Plow King" episode  ;D )

5. Ambulance (makes perfect sense, in these dire times, and it was interesting to build)

6. Fire Truck (my favorite and the one I invested more time and effort, just to test my 1/100 scratchbuilding habilities)

Jut to remind you how tiny these things are...

Now all I need to do is finish these 6 mini-dioramas (terrain, figures, vegetation, etc.....). When. is another matter  ;)

Thanks for watching!
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Wow! Did he use the 1/100 and 1/200 models available online? Good use of resin supports on the Radar unit!

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They look very nice. This new gen 3d resin printing is the business.
All those model you created using the truck basis work really well.

However my eye was initially drawn to the larger figures to the rear of the stash for some reason ;)

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That Snow-Plough Truck is really nice!
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The SAM one reminds me a bit of the MGM-18 Lacrosse:

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