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Apollo 27 Space Interceptor
« on: March 22, 2020, 08:08:56 AM »
(A bit of fun)

An Apollo 27 Space Interceptor operated by the RAAF.

Apollo 27-1 by David Freeman, on Flickr

With a crew of 2 (Pilot and Systems Operator) the Apollo 27 Space Interceptors are used in close range (inside the moon's orbit) duties.

This example from the RAAF shows the weapons systems:

Apollo 27-3 by David Freeman, on Flickr

Here on the port engine struts you can see the ECHIDNA short range rail guns (The orange and red pods).  The ECHIDNA system fires a selectable number (from 1 to 8 ) of depleted uranium slugs from a rail gun pod.  The slugs are fired at hypersonic speed and used somewhat like a shotgun to spray several projectiles at the target.

On the starboard engine struts are mounted two systems.

Apollo 27-2 by David Freeman, on Flickr

The first is the WOOMERA long range Rail Gun (the three dark tubes below the strut).  Somewhat like the ECHIDNA system, the WOOMERA fires depleted uranium slugs from 3 rail guns, but over a much longer range.

Mounted above the stuts are two ARGUS recce probes (the blue pods with red tips).  These probes are used by the Interceptor for long range reconnaissance and targeting for the WOOMERA Rail Gun.

(This kit is the Pegasus Hobbies "Apollo 27" Rocket kit, with some left over bits added.  The "Echidna" pods are from a Tiger attack helicopter, as are the "Argus" probes, while the "Woomera" rail gun is the rocket pods off a Me-110)

Enjoy   ;)
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Re: Apollo 27 Space Interceptor
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This might be my favorite of all your models!

Conclusive proof that those famous red roos are out of this world!

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Re: Apollo 27 Space Interceptor
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All hail the God of Frustration!!!

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Re: Apollo 27 Space Interceptor
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Thats great!!
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Re: Apollo 27 Space Interceptor
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That's really neat, like it  :smiley:

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