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Re: 1/48 Sea Beau
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Yup! RAN FAA Able Seaman ATA (Air Technical Aircraft = Engines & Airframes) VS-851 playing with Grumman S2E/G Trackers. :))

When I was in university in the late 70s/early 80s back in Newfoundland we used to get regular flyovers by two twin-radial aircraft. The Ex-RCN Trackers operating on fisheries patrol and Canso waterbombers.

And even within a building, you could tell the difference between the two. The Canso was very "blappy" in the exhaust noise while the Trackers had a better radial growl. That and the fact that the Canso noise seemed to hang forever in the air as the aircraft took about an hour and a half to cross the visible sky at low altitude. I sear I could see a Canso come into view as I stepped into class, attend the full lecture, finish the problem set and leave the room to still see it just passing the other horizon. I'm sure I could walk faster...