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Best/Favorite Paint Schemes
« on: April 06, 2018, 04:27:36 AM »
Here's something I was thinking about recently. You're the new defense minister for a medium size nation (think France or similar). You get to pick what the predominate biome is in this fictitious country, though (temperate, desert, jungle, tundra, etc.).

Part of the mandate of your office, however, is to institute what your branches look like. I'm only going to give you four branches to work with:

  • AIR FORCEIncluding but not limited to:
    ground attack/strike aircraft
    airlift assets
    CSAR helicopters

  • ARMYIncluding but not limited to:
    attack helicopters
    heavy lift helicopters
    observation and light attack aircraft
    light transport aircraft
    tactical transport helicopters
    scout helicopters
    liaison helicopters
    special forces helicopters

  • NAVYIncluding but not limited to:
    ASW helicopters
    carrier-based aircraft
    maritime patrol aircraft
    maritime strike aircraft
    minesweeping helicopters
    marine corps aviation

  • CIVIL GUARDIncluding but not limited to:
    coast guard patrol aircraft
    coast guard SAR helicopters
    homeland security AEW&C
    gendarmerie helicopters
    border patrol aircraft
    forestry service firebombers

The services don't get to distinguish between combat and non-combat aircraft. They don't get different schemes for rotary vs. fixed-wing assets. Even the size of the aircraft doesn't warrant it for a different paint scheme. There can be slight variety (scale of the pattern, for example), but you only get to pick one paint scheme for each service.

So, what 4 paint schemes would you choose to represent your entire military & paramilitary aviation inventory?

BONUS: Is there a paint scheme that you'd choose for the army to paint all its vehicles?