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Canadian decals made by Canadians
« on: March 31, 2018, 01:49:10 AM »
Since I recently posted a critical review of a Canadian decal maker, I figure it would behoove me to add something constructive to the collective wisdom of this august site.

That said … here are my quick reviews of the Canadian decal makers, who also make decals on Canadian subjects, from whom I have purchased after-market decal sets.  Sort of a buyer’s guide, especially for those looking for things north of the 49th parallel!

Please, I encourage any and all to correct me where I am wrong and supplement my reviews. That said, all of the proceeding has been written by me, but my dumb, but adorable, Lab mutt Jojo Funky is solely responsible for all contents and opinions that follow.

LEADING EDGE decals (of Calgary)

One of my favourites. Decals are always excellently printed, solid, thin, great colours, in register. The website often has a very lean selection, but check the ebay site (darkcloud.403) as the owner Dave is always auctioning some of his rarer and tres cool older sets. Be warned, they sell for lots of money. Highly recommended.


Met Mike at CAPCON and he is a great guy. And he offers a limited but most excellent selection of things Canadian, especially quite comprehensive decal sheets for most things modern RCAF. Lots of decals on those sheets, always in register with great colours.  Prices are competitive. Highly recommended.

AVIAEOLOGY (of Kitchner)

They do all their business thru ebay now, but if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get really detailed updates and offers. Met the owners at CAPCON and they are great people. Unhesitatingly replaced a damaged decal sheet I won in the silent auction. Great decals all around, wonderful colours, and they cover many RCAF WWII topics as well as great Battle of Britain stuff. Another glowing recommendation.

CANMILAIR (of London)

Bill at CanMilAir runs an interesting shop. His decal sheets, often in his catalogue because they were requested and researched by his customers, look lean. Perhaps just one aircraft on a sheet, somewhat smaller than other makers. And maybe is price is just slightly higher for what you get, but … they can be GREAT decals. Solid colours, thin but sturdy, settles on wonderfully. Not all are perfect, I got a CF-18 set that sort of showed the colour pixilation, but the Starfighter decals I used were awesome. Huge catalog. Certainly recommended, especially as he may have that rare set you’ve been looking for.

ILIAD decals (of Ottawa)

I met the older gent who runs Iliad at CAPCON, but can’t recall his name. He has a nice selection of unique decal sheets, but not a lot of (if any) RCAF stuff. I have always been impressed with the high quality of his sheets, and competitive prices. Highly recommended.

FLIGHTDECS (of Thunder Bay)

Out on the Lakehead, Joe (a great and talkative guy) runs a pretty wide ranging website with lots of offerings, some which may not be in stock. He has a limited supply of his own superior decals, which often cover Canadian topics. Recommended.

JBOT decals (of London)

Jim at JBOT has, honestly, a mixed track record. He does not make decals for a living, or anything close to that. His store really seems to be a cottage industry. And I have had problems in the past (not unlike others) with unfulfilled orders etc. And when I did get his stuff, one time the decals were cracked. That said, he is a kind hearted guy. I once inquired about unique CL-215 Government of Quebec decals, and took a pass. He sent me them anyways, as he was kind and proud of these decals. He often runs (alps?) print batches as they come in. And unique his selection is! The damaged set notwithstanding, his decals are usually good colour and register, and very thin, but go on well without decal film if you take a bit of care. Recommended, with the proviso above. Certainly contact him before an order.

CANUCK MODEL decals (of Peterborough)

As I have made clear in another review on this site, I am none too pleased with the owner David Winter, whom in my opinion can be odd. I own 14 Canuck decal sets and 21% have a defect, that is 10 unique sheets and a 20% defective rate. He generously replaced them once, and was rude and dismissive in another instance. He has recently made public that his company is not doing well. That said, I have used his Starfighter decals and they were superb. He has a limited but nice selection of RCAF a/c at OK prices. But … I won’t do business with him again. I wish him luck.

Now, fellow Canadians, have I missed anything?



I did miss one! First and foremost, Mike is a sinfully brilliant modeler, simply one of the best, if not the best, I have seen. (His online nickname is 'Migrant".) That said, he also makes awesomely good decals, and has done many Canadian topics over the years. Alas, he doesn't keep many older items in stock, but you can oft find them online, but for premium prices. Seriously, his decals are some of the finest.

Oh, for non-Canadian buyers, especially those overseas, Canada Post rates can be expensive, so be prepared to pay a premium (read:tax) to get the good stuff.

Hope this helps.

All best

AFTER THOUGHT - It is Jojo Funky's opinion that the best decals on RCAF topics are, as a general rule, produced by Canadians. They just seem to take that extra little bit of care to get things just right. Of course, this is understandable. The only other decals I can recommend in this respect would be the irregular sets provided by local IPMS chapters, but those are limited to members and when they do show up, often on ebay, they are oft ridiculously expensive. This written, Jojo invites suggestions to disprove her rule. Or as she said: ruff, ruff, woof.

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Re: Canadian decals made by Canadians
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I just went onto one of my favorite supplier websites only to discover this ---

Looks like CanMilAir is out of the waterslide decal business ---