Author Topic: OMG! You actually finished something. (otherwise known as "Completed Entries")  (Read 4155 times)

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GADS all you..... you are turning out builds that rate careful study.  Creativity model diversity at BTS pegs the needle.

Truly enjoying and appreciate details-effort in each of these.

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Steps on soapbox ........

I'm a little dis-chuffed that there is not going to be a vote as part of the fun of group builds is to compete against your peers, also this group build is well subscribed with some killer builds that makes for stiff competition.

Steps off soapbox .........

Having got that minor rant off my chest, I do understand why  the poll hasn't happened, some of the entries are incomplete others have no pictures which makes it an uneven playing field which would make a poll unfair.

Also it may be some time before the are complete which will cause the group build to drag on.

Bottom line is I enjoyed building my entries and received some kind comments from my peers, that is one of  the foundations of Beyond the Sprues and I'm happy with that.

So I'll just shut up for now and look forward to this year's activities.

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Considering that it has/had been decided that the 'Clear your Workbench' GB was to be all year and then every year, it might be worth considering calling it a 'Theme Build' which is open ended instead --- and open to anything you have going --