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Re: New Aircraft Profiles, please give me your opinion
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[/quote]Hi John, thank you - yes, I've just started doing the profiles recently, I use Illustrator regularly for other things but not that much for illustration, it's a real learning curve.  Hopefully as I get more proficient you'll see a much more accurate and smoother profile.

Well, they're looking great.  Nice profiles of the XC-142 also. 
Fly?  Yes.  Land?  No.

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Re: New Aircraft Profiles, please give me your opinion
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Beautiful work, I'm looking forward to more.  Given that there's not much market for them, I assume that the British LC-130's got their skis from the same place the USN LC-130's get theirs, correct?

Thank you !!
Yes , was thinking specially modified speculative RAF. C.130K, winterised and fitted with LC.130 type skis, either at source with Lockheed as per LC.130 or even converted by Marshalls at Cambridge? (thanks to JWC for the info!!), note the serial number shown is an unallocated number at end of the RAF. C.130 block - (XV224, 225 spare) XV226 being start of the Nimrod block.
Actually, to the best of my knowledge, the LC-130 skis are sub-contracted out and built by what was CTAS, now part of L-3 Integrated Systems, in Waco, TX (not likely they'll get much snow there, at least most years).

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Re: Chickadee's Hypothetical Profile Musings
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All hail the God of Frustration!!!

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Re: New Aircraft Profiles, please give me your opinion
« Reply #20 on: July 13, 2018, 08:47:02 PM »
 ;) - It is great to look back and check out how we improved our work ;)
Nice work!

Great start! When I was first starting off, there was a mistake that I was making that took me a little while to correct. The lighting on the tail needs to be completely different than lighting on a fuselage, because the tail is so thin. The best way someone described it to me when I was doing the lighting was that it looked like someone had stuck a straw in the tail like a Capri Sun packet and inflated it. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Look at the tail. This is an old, bad profile with an inflat-o-tail. Whereas...

...this one has a much slimmer "blade" tail.


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