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Getting back to the M59 discussion from a while back....

My wife’s paternal grandfather was an automotive maintenance grunt in the US Army during the early ‘50s, although I cannot recall in which of the “Big Three” armored divisions he served. A year or so ago, I got the chance to look through his photos albums and discuss the various tanks and armored vehicles he worked on. It was an amazing experience since his memory is very keen and he had the chance to discuss this stuff with the one person in the family who has an interest and understanding about the subject. He mentioned the M59 as being the vehicle he hated working on the most. The scorn and exasperation in his voice when he mentioned “that piece of crap” was obvious and funny as heck! I don’t know if you could say the M59 was unreliable as such but when it did break down, it was apparently awful to repair and even routine maintenance was a chore. This is a man who worked on just about every late WW2 and immediate post WW2 armored vehicle in the US inventory, had a long career with International Harvester and has repaired just about everything from lawnmowers to cars and trucks to heavy vehicles and farm equipment. Yet, 60-odd years later, the M59 still stands out to him as one of the worst vehicles he had to work on!
Of course, this is purely anecdotal but I had always considered the M59 an interesting and under appreciated APC until I got the hear a first hand account from someone who worked on them.