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Ookaay, so where exactly would Australia use something like this?  ???

The MLRS are BM-21 122mm rocket launchers.

Thanks jcf for the MLRS type clarification!

so where exactly would Australia use something like this?  ???
Ok, so in my 'Alternative ADF ORBAT', I have decided to incorporate a kind of 'chose your own destiny' like scenario where Australia can take two course in geo-politics and effects on its alliances. In Scenario 2, due to Australia's resolve to counter Indonesia's nationalist fervour and open hostility, Australia not just participates in countering Konfrontasi (1963-1966), Australia politically and militarily opposes Indonesia's invasion of Irian Jaya in 1961, due to its threat to its administration of New Guinea (the memory of New Guinea being used as a gateway to isolating and invade Australia by the Japanese in WWII, was only but 20 years earlier and.still acutely raw in the memory of all Australia).....Australia is forced to withdrawal its military support in Vietnam to counter Indonesian political and military expansion, which strains US/Australian relations.... Australian/Indonesian relations are strained even further when the Australian government diplomatically protest the 'US political and military support of Indonesia's invasion of East Timor in 1975, as Australian intelligence denotes the US support being fundamental to the Indonesian invasion and occupation!'.....The US ups the ante by imposing arms restrictions against Australia, at a time when Indonesia openly threatens war against Australia in retaliation for its opposition to its invasion of Timor....Although in my Australia 'Alternative ADF ORBAT', Australia is far more self-sufficient in terms of military indigenous R&D, manufacturing, and operations, as a consequence of the lessons of WWII, its bad blood in Scenario 2, forces Australia/ADF to source and jointly develop weapons and weapons systems from other isolated countries like South Africa, Rhodesia, Taiwan and Israel. Indonesia's continuous aggression and incursion against and in Timor and New Guinea forces the ADF to create its own Riverina Force, to counter Indonesia's use and exploitation of coastal, rivers and waterways within Timor and New Guinea. Hence Australia seek out and find the Romanian Smardan/Brutar II-Class River Patrol Monitor design, and hence Australia licence-builds them to a customised need (which in reality would probably more akin to the Mihail Kogălniceanu class in terms of weapons layout).....
Its still a work in progress, but I'm slowly getting there mate!  :P

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