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Unbuilt Canadian Floatplane Projects
« on: March 22, 2015, 06:05:35 AM »
A pair of unbuilt floaty concepts based on Canadian airframes.

The first is the Turbine Husky proposal from Vazar. Unlike their highly successful Turbine Otter program, there were -- perhaps fortunately -- no takers for re-engining on the ultra-rare F.11 Husky. The project is still advertised on the Vazar website, though:

Beaver Aircraft Canada of Vancouver, British Columbia proposed a range of 'Next Generation' DeHavilland Canada aircraft including two DHC-3 Otter developments. The 'least-mod' version was to be the NG Turbo Otter powered by a single PT6A-135 and featuring a slightly stretched fuselage and DHC-6-style tailplane.

The most radical BAC redesign was the NG Super Otter. The DHC-3 fuselage was abandoned in favour of one very like the Twin Otter. Power was to be a nose-mounted Soloy Dual-Pack with twin P&WC PT6A-112s. Neither of these BAC Otter proposals saw the light of day -- nor did their NG Turbo Beaver or a scheme to revive (and totally redesign) the Trident Trigull flying boat. In the end, Viking Air took over the licenses for those DHC products as well as the Trigull amphibian.

The Turbine Husky image is mine. The NG Super Otter sideview was modified from an online profile of  440 Sqn CC-138 Twin Otter by (I think) Ugo Crisponi.
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Re: Unbuilt Canadian Floatplane Projects
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 :-* :-*  Very wonderful, thanks for sharing them!