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Re: S.P.S. Caiman Went
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Very, very cool! 8)

I can see the superstitious square-rigger sailors running straight over the opposite side trying to get away from it, & tales of great monsters from the deep with glowing eyes & gaping mouths bringing destruction with breaths fire being told by the survivors.
"This is the Captain. We have a little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and, ah, explode."

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Re: S.P.S. Caiman Went
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 Colleagues, thank you all - and apologies for my rudeness - I never addressed Antonio's question.

 Although I'm calling it finshed for the purposes of the GB, I did get an idea for a diorama involving the
 old base from the Comet Nautilus kit. We'll see what happens.

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Re: S.P.S. Caiman Went
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That's outstanding: well done!  :)
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