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Re: Ideas and Suggestions for GBs/Themed Builds
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Quote from: kitnut617
There's another one called Endeavour, from what I can gather, it's Morse in his early days.

Thanks for the tip! I'm gonna have to see if any of it escaped onto the U tubes.

Brian da Basher

It was on PBS only a couple of weeks ago.
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Re: Ideas and Suggestions for GBs/Themed Builds
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Not knowing what SVU and CI are I can't possibly comment  ;D

Too many people speaking in TLA's these days  ???


Oh goodness this might take a bit of explaining. Comfy? Need a beverage?

It started in 1990 with a crime/courtroom drama called Law & Order:

Law & Order clicky

Then there was Law & Order Special Victims Unit or SVU:

Law & Order SVU clicky

They call it Special Victims Unit because the cases are sex crimes.

One of the later iterations of the Law & Order franchise was Law & Order Criminal Intent. Sadly I could find no good "dun dun" video for Law & Order CI.

Click here for a good start to the Law & Order rabbit hole. The Spin-Offs section alone is worth a look.

This show's been on so long I remember watching it with my mom who died in 1997. My girlfriend and I like to watch it and she gets a laugh out of my nicknames for some of the main characters.

Personally, I preferred Foyle's War and Poirot with Inspector Morse a very close runner-up. Currently I have to settle for Midsomer Murders.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Brian da Basher

Thanks Brian,   It all makes sense now ! ;D ;D ;D


P.s.  TLA = three letter acronym ::)
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