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Re: Realistic alternative RAN FAA options
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An extra fact I was not aware of when I wrote this post, Air Vice Marshal Stanley James Goble, a WWI Australian born RNAS fighter ace, was the RAN representative on the conference that established the AAF (RAAF) and alternated as Chief with Williams throughout the 20s and 30s, recommended that Australia form a separate Fleet Air Arm on multiple occasions (successfully opposed by Williams).

I wonder what difference a success by Goble in forming a FAA would have had at the beginning of WW2?

Would Australia have followed the British path & handed control of the FAA to the RAN shortly prior to WW2?

Would one, maybe two, RAN aircraft carriers in the Indian/Pacific region have been enough to influence the early years of the war?

Would Australia have increased their number during the war?

My own scenario has the RAN (& RAM) maintaining control of its air service post WW1 & never losing it to the RAAF, with the Army regaining its own air corps in 1937/38 for tactical purposes & the RAAF becoming a strategic air force (offensive & defensive). However, I'm basing a lot of that on significantly greater post-WW1 immigration & industrialisation.
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