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Re: F-16 Inspirations & Ideas
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I think F-16 started in an era when you needed to have something that lets you see BVR.

If you look into the history of the F-16 and especially the lightweight Advanced Day Fighter (ADF) and Light Weight Fighter (LWF) programs that led to it, you will see that they were looking for something focussed originally on daytime dogfighting, with only minimal avionics being provided.  For instance, the YF-16 was closer to this when you compare to later production variants:

I think the LWF RfP originally only called for a ranging radar, a 20mm M61 and two Aim-9's 😯

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Re: F-16 Inspirations & Ideas
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Crossing F-104 and F-16

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Re: F-16 Inspirations & Ideas
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Surprising how well tail change combos work.  Great pics !