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Re: Aircraft Carrier Ideas and Inspiration
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Personally I think one of the biggest shames for the RN was that they didn't manage to proceed with the Maltas.  They were quite different to the previous British carriers in that the hanger and flight deck were superstructure and not part of an armoured box so likely would have been easier to convert to an angled deck configuration than the armoured fleets were.  Their size was not that different to the Midways but I believe they had higher freeboard which would have been a bonus.

Idealy the UK would have continued the Maltas and second batch of Centaurs in slow time or even suspending, but not cancelling them, while accellerating the completion of the Audicious and first batch of Centaurs before completing the Maltas and the "Hermes" to a modernised design from the mid to late 50s.  The incomplete Colossus and Majestics would sold or scrapped, the completed ones sold or transfered.  I even had the idea (quite improbabe that it would ever happen) that a number of the Colossus and Majestics could have been transfered to the USN as CVS and / or (alternatives to the converted Essex) to offset the UKs Lend Lease debt, a win win in that the USN gets a perfectly capable but much more economical platform for the CVS role.

Legacy carriers, specifically the four materiely sound armoured fleet carriers would be transfered / sold as soon as the Audicious and Centaur class ships were available, with Illustrius and Formidable scrapped.  The nations acquiring the armoured fleets and Colossus and Majestics would be possible customers for the Audacious and Centaurclasses, with or without modernisations.

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Re: Aircraft Carrier Ideas and Inspiration
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HMS New Zealand:  Becomes HMCS New Zealand

Kiwiland doesn't get a carrier? ??? ;)
Errr...typo on my part.  Was supposed to be HMNZS New Zealand.  Though it would be partially staffed by current/ex-RN staff...
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Re: Aircraft Carrier Ideas and Inspiration
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BuShips 1955 self-protecting CVAN

Original post HERE.


While a reversal of what the design seems actually intended for (vertical-takeoff interceptors and a smaller number of CATOBAR bombers & night fighters), I like the idea of using Vertijets as a backup in the event of total catapult malfunctions (because I like that World Navy aircraft carrier in Thunderbirds), and I like the Shipbucket graph author's use of the Ryan Model 115C instead of a pure Vertijet, if only for the possibility of conventional, arrested recovery- in fact, Vertijet-style landing on a ship is too much for my ameteur mind to comprehend  ;D
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Re: Aircraft Carrier Ideas and Inspiration
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So much detail in such a small scale.

Tamiya 1:350th scale USS Enterprise (CVN-65) built by by Jorge Evandro

Click on image or html to view at Hyperscale.
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