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Re: Royal Canadian Navy Seafire (Hybrid) Mk.45 -- FINISHED
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I've seen that comparison somewhere....
Can you remind us, which frame that is?
Spitfire was designed with the "high back". In addition to having the bubble canopy, the cockpit of the Spiteful/Seafang was raised. It is then quite natural that the upper side of the fuselage is different.

I think you* posted that image over on the What-If forum while there was an argument with a certain rude member there about the fuselage (*either you or pellson, apologies in advance if I've got it wrong). I had said I had a couple of drawings with the same frame number for the Spitfire and Spiteful which showed how the design evolved. Now I have just got to find the email I got from the RAF Museum, but it looks like the first full frame Maybe it's frame 12 behind the cockpit.
This image of course, shows how the frames were modified to create the low-back fuselages, but the process is the same, the cross-section above the datum longeron was modified.
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