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SAAB Fighter / Attack projects
« on: December 27, 2019, 07:43:30 AM »
Found this on Twitter.

1500-01 pretty much like a Harrier

Here is a list found on Special Projects:

1300 (1952): fighter and attack projects
1319 missile armed fighter with two de Havilland rocket engines,
1325 was a Draken replacement fighter with Gyron jets with partial afterburners on the wingtips and an (automatically starting in case of engine failure) rocket in the tail (the rocket motor is still in use on sounding rockets),
1350 was a larger attack variant of 1325, with full afterburners,
1352 single engine (Olympus) of 1350,
1372 was a an unstable double delta (not even a wind tunnel model),
1376 was the A 36,
1377 like 1376 but with dorsal air intake,
the "U-plan" was also in this series (a variable geometry turborocket submersible M 2 fighter
1400 (1955): Fighter and attack projects, often STOL or VTOL,
1410 was a STOVL fighter with afterburning nozzles in and as the flaps, also good for reversing, M 2+,
1421B was a M 2.8 Draken replacement in 1956
1443 a Mirage III (independently arrived at) lookalike with M 2.3
1500 (1958): STOL and VTOL projects which led to 37 Viggen
1500-01 pretty like a Harrier
1504 in 1961 looked very much like Viggen
1534 became 37 Viggen,
1536 a VTOL Viggen


I'll post more images over the next few days.

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I am giving up listing them. They all end up on the shelf of procrastination anyways.

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