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To elaborate on the Spitfire/Spiteful wings, they had a main spar and an auxiliary spar (rear) which was basically used to mount the control surfaces to. The main spar connected to the fuselage using a massive seven-bolt drop-forged interlocking lug, the auxiliary spar though was connected with a single pin which was held in place by a washer and cotter pin. This pin was horizontal and ran parallel to the fuselage centerline. In effect, it means the auxiliary spar could 'flap' up or down and I've always thought that under extreme maneuvers, there was some sort of 'wing-warping' going on which would enhance what the ailerons were doing, the wing twisting around the main spar.

All this I've got from the Morgan/Shacklady book, except where my thoughts are.

The rear fuselage of the second and third prototype Spiteful also had the same side profile as a standard Spitfire, but a different cross-section above the datum longeron to accommodate the raised cockpit. However, Frame 19 (the tail assembly joint frame) was the same as any Spitfire.

I built this a while ago mating a Spiteful fuselage to a Spitfire wing
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