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Adventures in pill pots
« on: December 12, 2018, 04:42:29 AM »
In the same spirit as the Found Objects group build I would like suggest some alternative uses for these babies

by Robomog, on Flickr

 iím pretty  sure there are members of this forum as well as me that have to take a barrage of drugs in order to have a comfortable life.

This can be used to a modellers advantage, pill packets, for instance, if opened carefully can provide some nicely pre molded shapes for lumps  and bumps that can be used for extra detail, the clear plastic ones are especially useful for astrodomes,  turrets, headlights and the like. However what I want to do here is to suggest some uses for pill pots.

The ones illustrated are from Holland and Barratt in the UK and feature a pop up lid for quick access. In themselves they are useful for storing stuff, drill some holes in the lid and you have a makeshift shaker for diarama materials.

I am first going to use the neck and lid of the bottle to create a double ended small parts container.

First. Taking your knife/razor saw/hacksaw/hobby drill with cutting disk/teeth in one hand, cut off the neck of the bottle where it joins the main body.

by Robomog, on Flickr

I used a cutting disk as my attempts with razor saw were not very successful.

Next.  Tidy up the cut with a sharp knife then, mark out and cut a disk of plastic using the removed neck as a template.

by Robomog, on Flickr

Iíve used an old credit card here but the choice of plastic is yours. 

Then. Using a glue of your choice stick the removed necks to the plastic disk and let it dry for twenty four hours before using.

I tend to use two part epoxy, but gel superglue also works.

This is not an original idea  I have seen similar on YouTube. If you want more capacity use the neck of a four pint milk carton, it will not have the pop top but it will hold a lot more.

Et viola..........

by Robomog, on Flickr

A natty little storage container.

There will be more, if you have any ideas of your own please feel free to post.


Please watch this space .............


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Re: Adventures in pill pots
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Oh the title of this thread could have gone a totally different place... ;) ;D
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