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Re: A Civilized BV222
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Can you try the engines and lights again with a largish (25uf - 100uf) capacitor between + and - ?

Not any more - I cut the wires off the wings for the engines. I tried everything I could think of to control the flow of power but I still ended up ith the same no-action result.
the lights still work but there must have been something different about one or each motor to cause it.each motor had the same resistor soldered to it, so that shold have eliminated that weird pulsing effect I was getting when both wings were wired to the same source.
I have resigned myself to keeping electronis simple from now on. It'll save me some pride!
On a seperate but joined note - my new SMD's arrived today and man are theyt tiny! Like one of them is 0.08mm long by 0.04 wide!! Tiny! Love it and its going to be easy to wire them all up to as they all use copper wire with no resistor soldered to each one so I can parallel them easily
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