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F-20 WIs req:
« on: September 19, 2012, 12:31:37 PM »
Sorry it's been a while, but other topics elsewhere have required my attention. Anyway, I've got a request for the artists: There's a Red Dawn +20 Timeline over here at:

And though some work-Mav's for the most part-from here has made it there, there's one subject that hasn't come up yet: F-20s. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas ANG (among others) are mentioned as having flown the type during the war described in the TL. Not to mention other operators postwar. Though Sentinel Chicken's done some Tigersharks, there's a few specific requests: NM ANG (150th TFG) F-20A or B, and NASA Bs. (demilitarized as T-38 replacement). Along with a KY ANG bird. Thanks in advance, fellas.
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