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: HELP: Noobie scale modeler has no clue
: Wyrmshadow April 30, 2019, 08:52:15 AM
Hey guys, long time no post.

A few weeks ago I went on an EBAY splurge and bought some Robotech/Macross items. I bought 3 items, so far received 2. I'm happy with my 1st purchase but I'm mad at myself for the 2nd and most likely the 3rd on in my group.

Cryptic? I bought a Robotech Masterpiece BETA fighter. For about $100 less than from the official site. It's a fantastic TOY, heavy, detailed and looks wonderful. It's a TOY. Goes fantastic with my other Robotech toys because it's to scale.

The other two items were the HASEGAWA SDF-1 Macross original and Movie/DYRL varient 1:4000 scale.

I thought I was getting a nice display piece because that was the only pictures posted across multiple sales for the same item. Yeah, dumb me bought a scale model I have to glue together myself. I have not tried that in 25 years. Also all the directions are in Japanese. :P

So any suggestions about sanding, painting, which glue to buy, HOW to glue and paint... anything would be welcome. I have no idea where/if I'll find the time to put it/them both together but I have only myself to blame. Maybe I was expecting too much for $55 each.
: Re: HELP: Noobie scale modeler has no clue
: Old Wombat April 30, 2019, 09:25:25 AM
What I have seen of the instructions, they seem to be easy enough to follow without being able to read Japanese, with good illustrations of what goes where & how. Remember to go through them carefully, though, looking out for tricky bits & for places where you'll need to paint before the area becomes inaccessible when glued together (dry fitting helps with this) - marking these with a highlighter pen isn't a terrible idea. Some of these Macross kits are moveable &, unless you don't want it "transformable" you need to watch out for this when inspecting the instructions & during the build.

Any plastic cement will do; Tamiya, Humbrol & Revell all do good ones. Get the brush-on or precision tip bottles if you can & use sparingly.

As said, use the glue sparingly & apply to both surfaces being glued. ALWAYS dry fit first, to see how well the parts fit.

Sanding is a matter of what the task at hand is but investing in some decent fine grade (600+ grit, up to 3000 grit) sanding sticks is a good idea. A good set of quality small files is another good investment & are often needed to get the edges of the parts to fit flush.

Painting: Probably too early to invest in an airbrush (& some don't like them, anyway) but always invest in good quality paint brushes & treat them well. There are a gazillion paints out there & that is ALL a matter of preference.

Others may have better advice & be able to link to things like English versions of the instructions but I hold by the above for all general modelling.

Hate to say it but, if the below are what you got, you may have paid a bit too much, unless there was "free" postage; ( (
: Re: HELP: Noobie scale modeler has no clue
: Wyrmshadow April 30, 2019, 10:15:38 AM
Yes the 2nd one is what arrived today. The other version I'm still waiting on. I thought they were static models on a display pylon. OOPSIE on my part.
: Re: HELP: Noobie scale modeler has no clue
: kerick May 09, 2019, 02:58:58 AM
I check the listing you posted and I see how that could happen. Not familiar with this genre, wish I could be more help. Gather up some basic tools and give it a shot. Second one will come out better than the first!
: Re: HELP: Noobie scale modeler has no clue
: jcf May 19, 2019, 09:58:04 AM
If using Tamiya thin cement or similar, hold the parts together and apply the pointed tip
of the brush to the seam, capillary action will wick it along the join. No need to brush
the glue onto the parts first.
: Re: HELP: Noobie scale modeler has no clue
: Wyrmshadow May 23, 2019, 10:20:41 AM
And so it begins....
: Re: HELP: Noobie scale modeler has no clue
: Old Wombat May 23, 2019, 12:08:38 PM
You may want to put the build here ( (, in the Physical Models; Aero-space forum, as a New Topic. :smiley: