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The Ilyushin Princess


At the end of WW2, still paranoid after Hitler's betrayal, Stalin was convinced that America would again use its new atom bomb - this time on Russia; therefore a new military force was planned to launch a massive pre-emptive strike on the USA.  What was needed was a large trans-Pacific cargo- & troop-carrier.  Stalin knew that, on its own after the financially crippling WW2, Britain would be no threat to him but they did have something to offer.

Conceived in 1937, construction began in 1943 of what was to become the Saro Princess.  Failing to gain any customers, Russia wanted them & bought all three that had been started and also the plans for more to be constructed in Russia.

While generally outdated by the 1980s, the hull design of the Princess was still good for the speed range of such a flyingboat transport.  Surviving boats were sent to the Ilyushin factory so that Il-76 Candids could be converted using their planing-hulls & six over-wing jet engines so they could land on water for refuelling from tanker-submarines ...

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Impressive. I love it. :smiley: :icon_alabanza:

Hmmm...makes me think:  What about a Soviet version fitted with the 4 Kuznetsov NK-12 turboprop engines from the Tu-95 series?

A 'Candid Princess' !  Very nice  :smiley:

One thought, though ... she needs stabilizer floats. Maybe stick with the standard Il-76 wing dihedral (but with nacelles on top, as you've done) and then add Beriev Be-200 style tip floats?


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