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Heavy Metal - Radar Rider (Dean Ride's Contest Entry @SSM)
« on: February 04, 2013, 05:07:51 AM »
Heavy Metal the animated feature length movie from a long time ago and far away.  I watched it on the big screen in 1981 at Fort Huachuca, AZ and I was suitably impressed with the graphics but the opening scenes with the song Radar Rider playing and the white Corvette dropping out of space to take the astronaut home to his daughter was probably one of the best animation+music combinations ever and Dean Ride's contest entry @SSM is titled "Radar Rider" and it does bring back some nice memories of watching that film in a theatre. 

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Heavy Metal movie introduction RADAR RIDER by RIGGS
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Re: Heavy Metal - Radar Rider (Dean Ride's Contest Entry @SSM)
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loved that movie.
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