Author Topic: LF: 700th scale USN DD-445/692/710 kits  (Read 1428 times)

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LF: 700th scale USN DD-445/692/710 kits
« on: November 20, 2012, 12:47:39 AM »
Gentlemen, I'm look for some DD-445/692/710 hulls and/or kits in 1/700 for some whiff builds. I don't necessarily need the entire kits but if you have any you'd like to get rid of that's fine as well. Hulls and main decks are preferred. Unstarted kits are ideal but its not a deal breaker. Started/Junked kits are fine too but I'd ask you to send a photo or two first. Trumpy, Tamiya, Skywave, or Albatross doesn't matter. I'd like at least one of each if not 2-3.

If anyone has any JAG kits of DD-692 or 710 in their FRAM fits please let me know as I'd like at least one of each of them.

Let me know guys. I can pay (money orders only) or trade so give me a price and/or list and we'll work something out. US only please since the shipping costs are ridiculous otherwise. I'm in SE VA.

Thanks for looking,
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