Author Topic: An Aegyptology Whif perfect for Halloween ...  (Read 2545 times)

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An Aegyptology Whif perfect for Halloween ...
« on: October 30, 2012, 02:18:29 AM »

- by Kent P. Streaver Ph.D as told to Steven Parker


Imhotep, Imhotep ...


I got onto it via an article in the October issue of Metalsmith magazine.
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“Conspiracy theory’s got to be simple.
Sense doesn’t come into it. People are
more scared of how complicated shit
actually is than they ever are about
whatever’s supposed to be behind the
-The Peripheral, William Gibson 2014

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Re: An Aegyptology Whif perfect for Halloween ...
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Just sent it to our pet Egyptologist/biker: I can hear the steam building already...... ;D
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