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New kid on the block for a 35th scale NbFz:

I wonder if it's an offshoot of Dragon?



Jeffry Fontaine:
Amusing Hobby from Japan. 

1/35th scale Neubaufahrzeug (Kit Number 35A003)

(Image source: Amusing Hobby

The following armor kits are announced (with scheduled release date in paranthesis):

35A002 Panzerkampfwagen VK3002(DB) (June)
35A004 Panzerkampfwagan VK1602 LEOPARD (August)
35A005 Panzerkampfwagan VII Lowe (July)

Box art can be viewed at this link: PMMS - Amusing Hobby

Jacques Deguerre:
Glad to hear about the VK3002(DB). I'm not normally a fan of WW2 German armor but the 3002 will work for an alt-war/ "Imagi-Nations" project I have in mind.


Jeffry Fontaine:
Some of the features on the Neubaufahrzeug remind me of the Churchill tank. 

The running gear especially...


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