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Posted by Janusz Parol (aka Foxglove) over on Secret Projects:

--- Quote from: Foxglove on April 30, 2013, 03:58:06 AM ---Attention all modellers!
Do not buy anything at and . These online stores advertise all kinds of rare, often resin, upgrade kits and gladly accept your money but never ship the ordered items! The owner of simply ignores your emails, whereas the guy who owns, a Gilles Mazire, will send you apologetic emails, inventing all kinds of excuses just to get past the 40 day deadline set by Paypal for money-back claims. After the deadline he will just ignore your messages.
Those of you who were unlucky enough to deal with Cromwell Models should know what kind of business the two stores in question are.
In short: if you are seeking hard-to-get kits, save your time, money and nerves, as all you can expect from these fraudsters and cheats is a silent snicker at the suckers who entrusted them with their money.
Janusz Parol

--- End quote ---

I hope no-one here has been hurt.


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