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A new (?) company out of Greece, making 3d printed weapons and accessories.

Facebook page:

Greek online hobby shop/distributor with 3D MicroCosmos' catalog:

I placed an order for their Milan launcher, some FN FALs, H&K G3s, and M4s. Review to follow if anyone is interested.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Yes please! 

Old Wombat:
Some nice stuff there! 8)

Just a couple examples of what I received from 3D MicroCosmos. Each type came individually bagged and still on the printer supports.  I only cleaned up the FAL and G3 so far.


Milan ATGM

The Big Gimper:
The FN FAL brings back memories. We used it during basic training as the FN C1.

Though it did spend a lot of it's time looking like this:


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