Author Topic: Revell B-17F External Stores Racks.  (Read 133 times)

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Revell B-17F External Stores Racks.
« on: May 16, 2024, 02:50:19 AM »
Monogram and Revell both released a 1/48th scale B-17 Flying Fortress at almost the same time.  Also many of the parts were compatible between each kit.  Revell's B-17 was the F model while Monogram's was an early G model.  To suggest that there may have been some back-alley or behind the doors shenanigans going on between the two rivals is not too far fetched. 

That said, I have both kits in protective custody and recently acquired an extra pair of the Revell B-17F External Stores Racks from a nice modeler at the most recent Seattle IPMS Annual Spring Show.  It helped that I offered him $5.00 for the parts to convince him to part with the pieces in question.  Money well spent!  Now the bad news.  Somewhere between putting the individual pieces into my shirt pocket and returning home one of the sway braces escaped so my new set of racks were now incomplete.  Not a critical issue considering how comically oversized the things looked so it must have been a sign from on high to make something more presentable from what was left. 

I discarded the remaining sway brace parts and set about finding some useful bits from the parts stash.  Trying to keep it simple was the real challenge since the real external stores racks were not much more than a strong bar attached to the wing spars with a bomb release unit installed on the string bar.  I cleaned up the surface of each rack to get rid of the mold lines which helped immensely with the appearance of the racks.  Next came the gray "L or V" shaped bits that staddle the string bar length wise.  I added two sets of small dark gray plastic pieces from an unknown source but looked very much like they were something bomb racks/bomb release unit in appearance.  Two sets of tiny, very tiny T-shaped bits were added between the new release units to represent the release lock mechanism latches.  As far as replacement sway braces go, that is dependent on what I can find that will look right for the purpose.  For now this WIP is in limbo until suitable sway braces can be located. 

As far as what aircraft will receive these racks, that will be either a B-17G or a B-29.  I would really like to acquire a pair of the Navy  NBS ASM-1 Bat glide bombs and/or the USAAF GB series glide bombs to complete this concept. 
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Re: Revell B-17F External Stores Racks.
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2024, 05:01:40 AM »
Nice work so far on a good score, Jeff  :smiley:

...To suggest that there may have been some back-alley or behind the doors shenanigans going on between the two rivals is not too far fetched...

I kind of like the idea that the 'rival' firms might have agreed behind the scene to produce different sub-types in order to avoid duplicating each other's efforts.
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