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Coastal Craft Models
« on: October 11, 2012, 07:00:52 AM »
From RogerP over on Aussie Modeller International:

Hello everyone,

I recently received the news re the next release in 1/72nd scale. It will be a resin kit and will be two versions of the British Power Boat Co. 71'6" MGB. One version will have the 2pdr Mk IIc for'ard and the other shown in the photo's will have the 2pdr Mk VIII.

These two kits should be released next month at the Telford model show in the UK and will retail for 90GBP which equates to approx $AU142.
Yes I know it sounds expensive but I think worth the money, it certainly looks the goods. I have their Vosper MTB kit and I'm more than happy with it, I just haven't gotten around to building it yet.
Also due for release next month are:
Twin powered 20mm Oerlikon guns.
2 and 6 pdr guns.
A pair of 18" Torpedo Tubes  and
A Breda 20mm gun.

In 2013 the following are announced:
BPB Co. 71'6" MTB.
Fairmile D class MGB        and
The Thornycroft 55' CMB, a WW1 torpedo boat.

At this stage they don't have a website, the contact details being -- who will provide paypal details.
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