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Aero-space / Re: High-performance Seaplanes
« Last post by Story on Today at 09:54:39 PM »
As good a place as any for this, although it straddles Wiff ship builds as well.

Stumbled over this in a December 1945 issue of LIFE, on speculative Soviet Navy projects.

Looks like a Beriev R1 on steroids.

Naval GB / Re: USS Oregon gun boat
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 09:39:52 PM »
I've got a book about a Royal Navy gun boat like this --- trying to remember what it was called -----
Other / Osprey (1/48) & Stratocruiser, red : hybrid aircraft/animals e.a.
« Last post by ericr on Today at 09:16:21 PM »

New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: MiniArt Plastic Model Kits
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 08:59:37 PM »
Land / Re: BTR-60/70/80/90 - Soviet/Russian wheeled APCs
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 08:12:37 PM »
 ;D :smiley:
Naval GB / Re: USS Oregon gun boat
« Last post by finsrin on Today at 11:15:21 AM »
1/35 Flakpanzer turrets have potential for another Oregon build.   M60 turrets are simpler to integrate.   Get more done and better photo light will post more.

Regarding HMS Roberts:  used Paint to design short monitor version of USS Oregon.   With careful cutting is buildable.   Stash has a few kits to work with.

Monitor version is attached.
Thanks, guys. It's always fun when a  kit "speaks to me" from a shelf in the model closet. First the Kugelpanzer kit, then the two Chernobyl kits wanted to be part of the action. I watched about a season's worth of Mystery Science Theater 3000 while building this.

@Story - good find - those rats may come in handy!
Naval GB / Re: USS Oregon gun boat
« Last post by Frank3k on Today at 10:27:14 AM »
It's going to look like a twin gun version of the HMS Roberts:

New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: Special Hobby
« Last post by apophenia on Today at 10:04:48 AM »
If I'm honest I'm kinda concerned the spinner's shown as one part given it's a contraprop...

Indeed! Perhaps they based their artwork on the replica as a work-in-progress?

On the real deal, that gap between spinner sections is pretty noticeable too. Also, on the preserved example, the front spinner isn't pointed ... the tip is clipped off for a cooling opening.

Naval GB / Re: The Science Pirates: Early operations
« Last post by apophenia on Today at 09:45:58 AM »
... the smokestack looks a bit large...

I agree ... but I kinda like it this way  :smiley:
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