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Box Scale Avro Arrow
« on: March 01, 2021, 11:23:16 AM »
Since our gracious moderator has approved 'conceptual scale-o-ramas' for this GB, I'm going to abuse the opportunity  ;)

I like the notion of the old 'box scale' kits as being whifs-out-of-that-box. The only such kit that I have (currently in the stash that time forgot) is Aurora's circa 1958 Avro CF-105 Arrow interceptor. This Aurora kit - which comes complete with moulded-in markings! - is, apparently, about 1/80 scale.

If you do the conversions, that makes this 'box scale' Arrow just slightly larger than a CF-101 Voodoo in 1/72. And so a cockpit donor was found!

If anyone is interested in the comparative scales, they are:

CF-105 - RW length 23.70 m  - in 1/72 = 329.16 mm; in 1/80 = 296.25 mm ... or whif 'full-sized' length of 21.33 m

CF-105 - RW wingspan 15.2 m - in 1/72 = 211.11 mm; in 1/80 = 190 mm ... or whif 'full-sized' wingspan of 13.68 m
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Re: Box Scale Avro Arrow
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