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Ok folks, I finally got around to getting this sorted.  It's time to vote on which Group Builds you would like to see in 2021.  I have put up all the suggestions proposed in the last 12mths.  See here for more info on each - starting at about Reply#536.  Also feel free to ask.  Please note that I may have tweaked a couple.

Poll will run for 2wks.  Each member gets 5 votes and you are able to change your mind if you so desire (e.g. to help whittle down the results if you see your preferred is not going anywhere).  Campaigning to get your favourites picked is allowed.

Plan is to have the first new GB start no later than 1st April 2021 - sounds ominous ;)


And in case you don't think its a real threat remember this:

The '46 GB is winning??  Seriously??!!   Come on folks, isn't that a little bit of a old choice for this genre?

Hmm.. interesting numbers.

I would suggest though that Zombie and Post apocalypse are almost/essentially the same thing and could easily be combined. That could be a vote bleed.

I do like a bit of '46 though  ;)


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