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Typically we set our group builds for a 2mth duration.  That said, we often then extend them.  Instead of this, how do you feel about making GBs a standard 3mth duration?  This would mean we would typically only have 4 per year.

Please vote.

If, by extending the time period, it would encourage more people to participate in the group builds then this is a good suggestion.


Three month durations with two month start intervals ?

ed s:
Maybe we could vary the duration, especially if there was some scratchbuilding major conversion involved. A two month build then a 4 month, then back to 2 month. Our current "everyday objects" GB would be a good one for a 4 month time. But the previous "Mig" build was appropriate at 2 months.

All good points made here. I like the variable length and overlapping starts. I know several folks here have entries in nearly every group build so the overlapping starts may cause conflicts for them but others participate occasionally so might actually allow them to participate more frequently.


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