Author Topic: Spot On Designs Nonweiler 'Wedge' Concept (1958) Limited Edition Resin Kit  (Read 4237 times)

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Hello Folks,

The latest addition to the Spot On Designs, UK. Space Programme range, a very limited edition release of  Terence Nonweiler's 'Wedge' concept from 1958, is now available.

The 'Wedge' was the predecessor to Nonweiler's 'waverider concept  leading to the Armstrong Whitworth 'Pyramid (released earlier in 2018)

Terence Nonweiler's 'Wedge' concept from 1958. The 'Wedge' was the predecessor to Nonweiler's 'waverider concepts  leading to the Armstrong Whitworth 'Pyramid.

The current range of Space Planes including the 'Pyramid' and the 'Wedge' can be found by visiting...

The Pyramid and RAE.OR.9001 are really low in stock and like the 'Wedge' will not be recast in the forseeable future, if you are interested in purchasing all three as part of the Space Plane programme (future releases will be announced shortly), please PM me for a discount code.

In addition to this, a decal sheet will shortly be available for the Pyramid and RAE. OR.9001.  I'll keep you posted on this.