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35-to-48 Scale-O-Rama Life Raft Project
« on: July 24, 2018, 04:06:08 AM »
For lack of a better description, a project it is or an adjunct to another project. 

The AMT/Ertl/Italeri 1:48th scale Douglas A-20 Havoc, P-70 Night Fighter, and Boston kits all have one common issue.  Well one that stands out for me anyway and that is the lack of a liferaft to fill in the void behind the pilot.  The kit comes with a large open area behind the pilot that would normally contain a life raft in a bag (I assume it would be in some kind of protective case) that was stowed there for operations over water.  Vector and True Details have a life raft shape that are available but one looks like a carry-on luggage bag (Vector) and the other one looks like an HO scale air mattress (True Details).  The Vector kit includes a complete resin cockpit and the True Details set includes much needed and necessary (for the early kits) replacement wheels for the landing gear.  While the Vector raft appealed, the price did not and I am quite happy with the cockpit provided in the kit.  The True Details bits just never seemed right or the right price for that matter so this has been one of those back burner things that I occasionally bring back to look at for a solution. 

I think this time I have found a solution.  While sorting through parts to dispose of I opened up a spare parts bag full of rolled up tarps and other odds and ends for vehicle stowage and began culling what I had based on appeal, appearance, size, shape, etc.  Several items caught my eye and thus began the conversion from idea to something tangible.  The original kit from which these bits originated is a mystery, I am guessing by the color of the plastic and details that they are from an Italeri kit but that is just a guess. 

length/width/height after my sanding treatment: ~1.0"/27mm X 0.35"/9mm X 0.25"/6mm

Attached images are of the bits in question.  While I failed to have the vision to create a before image the end result in the images of the four items in question show what can be accomplished with a bit of sanding to get a folded up life raft shape to fill in the empty spot on the A-20/P-70/Boston. 

The life raft in bag problem has been resolved and I found a few other 1:35th scale bits and pieces that can serve a new purpose taking up space on smaller scale subjects.  I like to think this is a practical approach to recycling in not having to throw the stuff in to the trash.  8)
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Re: 35-to-48 Scale-O-Rama Life Raft Project
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2018, 01:58:23 AM »
The portable, pneumatic life-rafts were in a bag, still are for that matter, and literally look like an
oversized carry on.

3-man A-3 adopted in 1943, earlier 5-man similar appearance.

Current portable rafts in store at a USAF base:
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