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TaiidanTomcat does Profiles!?

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Well kind of  ;)

The Latest Ace Combat game gives you the ability to change colors on schemes. Its limited in that you can't really add or deviate from the pattern, but it has the advantage of being a full 3D model. I have had hours of fun messing with these and its a great way to test a color idea without having to use a kit.

Bright Eritrean

^Happy accident that looks pretty sharp trying to make this:

Scheme I cooked up for a Japanese Flanker Quasi WWII anti flash white, with imperial escort white accents


Came with the Game, no invention of mine. Ukrainian Flanker Blue 56 scheme

Urban Purple



Israeli digital, With Black

3 tone Israeli

Some funky schemes there.

Frikken KEWEL :)

Oooo, love that digital cam!

JP Vieira:
Nice to see your profiles: keep it up


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