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12Coy/504th Cadian Infantry - WH40K
« on: May 30, 2016, 06:18:10 AM »
Hi all,
Back in high school my friends introduced me to Warhammer 40,000. As a modeller it really appealed to me, but the cost meant I never got more than a token force of Catachan Jungle Fighters and a bunch of Green Army Men as proxies.

Now that I'm employed, married (very understanding wife) and my painting skills have improved, I've been trawling internet auction sites and Facebook groups to gather enough men and materiel for two armies. I've been snapping up unpainted/started stuff cheap to cut down the cost as Games Workshop kits are stupidly expensive. Finding out from one of the local lawyers that New Plymouth - the city where Sam's parents live, an hour's drive away - has a very active miniature wargaming club including some regular 40K players is what pushed me over the edge and back into the hobby after a decade+ away. I'd like to get some stuff painted and presentable before heading along to the club (meets twice a month) and getting involved in some games.

The first of my new armies is the Imperial Guard - recently renamed to Astra Militarum for copyright reasons, but that name sucks  :blink: - which is basically a human wave of men with guns, and tanks! Mine will be the 12th Company of the 504th Cadian Regiment, and here's what it looks like as of yesterday:

Among their number are three tanks - (from left) a Leman Russ main battle tank (I want another one), a Hellhound flamethrower tank, and a Chimera APC (need a few more)...I get packages delivered to work so they don't get misdelivered!:

The latest additions are a squad of ten rather nicely-painted Guardsmen and a commissar, who will get repainted:

The lawyer I mentioned earlier had some non-GW models as Stormtroopers and these are close enough to GW's own Death Korps/Armageddon Guardsmen that I swapped them for an Italeri 1/48 FW-190 build that stalled. He said I'd need to repaint them, but they are some good-looking dudes:

Posts with painted little men to follow as I get round to them  :thumbsup: The other army is Tau, a very anime-looking, mecha-suit-heavy army of little blue dudes fighting for the Greater Good. They'll get their own thread in time.
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Re: 12Coy/504th Cadian Infantry - WH40K
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Lots of painting done on the Cadians last weekend in hopes of making a spectacular debut at the local club on Sunday:

I'm hoping to get some paint on some faces and hands tomorrow - waiting on some Citadel paint for this as Tamiya's Flat Flesh makes for a rather pasty soldier.