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Armageddon Models
« on: August 03, 2014, 06:32:11 AM »

"Taxi de la Marne" means taxicabs from Paris which brought around 5000 infantry men to 100 kms western aera of Paris during 7-8th august 1914 in order to stop a german offensive.About 1200 cabs were requested to form 2 convoys; they were Renault AG1 Landaulet which could carry 5 soldiers. If this move was of limited military influence, it created a great patriotic feeling of solidarity between civilians and the army , helping together to defend the country.
Thus in this year commerating 100th anniversary of WWI, ARMAGEDON brand which is the military line of MACH2, released this 1/35 scale model of mythic Renault AG1; it is produced in "short run" plastic injection with clear plastic sheet for windows and decals for registration plate; it can be assembled in closed version only but includes detailed interior.
A milestone is included with its decal for road nRN 2.

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