Author Topic: 1945 airshow with Captured Axis aircaft (and Allied WWII AC)  (Read 3099 times)

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(turn the sound off if you're not interested in 1940s music)

The Ju 290 in the beginning has an interesting history:
Quote from: Wikipedia
    Ju 290 A-4 no. 0165, which had been equipped with attachments for FX 1400, Hs 293, and Hs 294PGM ordnance, and fitted with FuG 203e Kehl radio guidance gear for controlling such PGM ordnance, was surrendered to the U.S. Renamed Alles Kaputt,[15] and numbered FE 3400, it was flown to the US by Colonel Harold E. Watson from Orly, Paris to Wright Field on 28 July 1945, via the Azores. The captured aircraft, with its Nazi insignia repainted, was a frequent performer at air shows at Freeman Field and Wright Field. When the aircraft was scrapped at Wright Field in 1946, a plastic explosive device of German manufacture was discovered in the wing near to a fuel tank.[16]

I also spy an Hs-129.  At 1:33 you can see an Italian Fiat G-55 Centauro, Me-410 bomber destroyer, He 111 bomber and the Ju 290. The Hs 129 is  probably between the He-111 and the Ju-290.

At 4:32 there's an Arado Ar 234B.  This Ar 234B may be the one currently at the Smithsonian National Air and  Space Museum.

At 4:40 (4:53 and 5:19-6:40) there's an Me 163 rocket fighter(now at the  NASM)  and two Fieseler Fi-282 helicopters.... in front of a V-2 and
next to a V-1.

At 6:53 there's an Me-262B jet fighter trainer.

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Re: 1945 airshow with Captured Axis aircaft (and Allied WWII AC)
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A good source for information on all those aircraft is 'War Prizes' (Second Edition) by Phil Butler.  This edition is updated over the first edition and has tons of photos.