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Aerospace Projects Review
« on: July 05, 2013, 02:34:20 AM »
Aerospace Projects Review issue V3N3 now available (July, 2013)

Issue V3N3 of APR is now available. The first article covers the proposed
use of bombers, specifically the B-52 and B-70, as launch platforms for the Dyna
Soar manned military spaceplane. The second article is on the Martin Astrorocket, a
series of early-sixties design studies of reusable low-cost manned launch systems
for the USAF. The next article covers the development of the Douglas XC-132
turboprop transport/tanker plane throughout much of the 1950′s. This would have been
by far the biggest turboprop plane the us would have built… had it been built.
Article contains a number of good photos of the full-scale mockup. Next is an
article on the A-12 Avenger II stealthy strike plane for the US Navy. This article
includes info and drawings on the Northrop competitor, as well as a number of rarely
seen and all-new detailed diagrams of the A-12. A brief article on a trio of Grumman
designs from the 1989-1993 time period, VTOL lift-fan combat aircraft, including the
Future Attack Air Vehicle (FAAV). Last but not least, an article describing a trio
of seemingly unrelated – yet possibly related – designs: a “landing boat” for
Project Orion, a lifting body design for the Apollo program, and a fighter jet
designed to be launched via booster rockets. Included is information on the
Logistics Landing Vehicle, General Dynamics’ equivalent of the Douglas
ICARUS/Ithacus troop transport rocket. And two “Aerospace History Nuggets,” a Ryan
concept for a VTOL jetliner and a concept from Bell for linking two helicopters
together to forma single heavy lifter.

APR V3N3 is available as a downloadable PDF for only $8.50 (a printed version from
Magcloud will be available soon). In addition to V3N3, also available is the V3N3
Addendum, which is thrity pages formatted to 11X17, with larger and expanded
diagrams, including:

    1/72 versions of the A-12 diagrams
    Scans of the original A-12 diagrams
    1/144 versions of the XC-132 diagrams
    1/288 versions of the XC-132 antecedents
    1/250 versions of the Dyna Soar/bomber launchers
    1/72 versions of the Landing Boat, “Space fighter” and Apollo lifting body
    1/200 version of the Nova/LLV

The Addendum is available as a downloadable PDF for only $3.00!


APR V3N3 Addendum:
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