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Operation "Rise of OCDF"
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Hi all,

First, I have to say that this story is base on some elements of the alternative stories "Greater Australia" from GTX_Admin :

I have wrote it in french in the first time then I translate it with Google Traduction with some corrections from me. So I'm sorry if there is some errors of translation :-[
Feel free to correct me :)
I'll try to make some profiles to illustrate it.

Hope you like it :P


Operation “Rise of OCDF”
A mission not like any other during the third world war

May 2013,

The civil war in Syria is raging. In April, the current regime used its stock of chemical weapons despite warnings from the United States on such use. However, the regime denies having used these weapons.
In May, the use of chemical weapons is proved and the United States went to war with the Syrian government. This is the beginning of the third world war.
Shortly after the U.S. announcement, the faithful ally Iran also entered the war on the side of the Syrian regime. Against all odds, Russia will not budge and it only give weapons. American side, we try to mobilize allies. In June, the UK, France and Germany join the U.S.. In August, Japan, New Zealand and Australia join the coalition. At the end of September, nearly 20 countries that make up the bulk of the forces. On the Syrian side, there will be Iran, North Korea as well as equipment support from Russia and China.
To counter China and Russian material support, France,  United Kingdom and  United States combined effort to provide the equipment to other countries. The U.S. will take care of the bulk of the supply (F-16, F-18, F-15, C-17, etc ...). France will participate with the provision of Rafale fighter in the F4+ standard and weapons, some of which had been destroyed to comply with disarmament treaties (BLG-66, BGL-400, BGL-1000, Durandal, etc...).

February 2019,

World war always been raging and the China-Pacific alliance (including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) threatens to extend its geographic influence on most of the countries present in this part of the southeast Asia and the Pacific. Australia, which has repatriated 2 of the 10 squadron mobilized on the Syrian front prepares to defend its territory and that the OCDF (Oceanic Confederation Defense Force, together with Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and other small countries in the region) against Chinese territorial expansion.

May 2019,

Indonesia launches an invasion of the Malaysian part campaign coexists on the same island as the country. The cities of Serian, Sri Aman and Simunjan falls in the early days. Some of the forces of the TNI-AD then goes to Kuching to take control, which would be a major victory in the conquest of this part of Malaysia. However, the military on site are more resistant than had been anticipated TNI-AD.

June 2019,

Malaysia and the rest of the OCDF agree on regaining part invaded the island in the first place.
On 16 June 2019, the preparation of the operation "Rise of OCDF" is launched in the biggest secret ...

To be continued ;)

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Hi Don,

All this begins well.  8)

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Re: Operation "Rise of OCDF"
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i will be reading future posts of this story aswell.
this seems very isnpirational, i havent thought of using Syria as a startingpoint for my WW3 storybuild.

on the bench:
-various models

on the drawing board:
-various 1/72 TinTin aircraft
-1/72 Eurocopter Tiger (Belgian Army)
-various other 1/72 and 1/144 aircraft

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Thanks Nils.

In a first time, the alternate story was just for the Rafale build but more the evening advance, more it grow. And it is not finished, I have other ideas :P

I just changed my mouse, I can redraw seriously and prepare a profile to accompany the next part ;)

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Part 2 : description of the mission

Determined to give a halt to Chinese expansion, OCDF preparing this major operation which will have several objectives. This will also be the longest mission ever undertaken by the Australian pilots.
Aircraft scheduled for this mission are:
- 10 Rafale E std F4+
- 10 Rafale F std F4+ (included 5 for electronic warfare)
- 10 Rafale M
- 10 Rafale N
- 5 B-1C
- 2 SR-71C
- 10 KC-330MRTT
- 15 KC-2C
- 5 KE-330F

Spare aircraft :
- 5 KC-135R(M)
- 1 EC-295M (Casa 295 Awacs)
- 5 C-235M (Patmar)
- 5 Rafale F
- 5 Rafale E

The beginning of the mission is scheduled for July 16 at 6:30 from local Air Force Base Butterworth.
After a first flight of 670km, and a first refuelling, pilot will tackle the Chinese air base installed on the Ca Mau International Airport and will be responsible for destroying the track and infrastructure  (control tower, etc...). For this, they have BLU-107 and GBU-12/16/49.
260km further south, 10 KC-330 wait after the Rafale to make the second in-flight refueling of the operation.
Once 260km off the coast of the Indonesian island, it is expected that part of the Chinese fleet is present to support Indonesia in its efforts to conquer. This will be the second goal in particular, the aircraft carrier Varyag class that will be present. To do this, 15 aircraft will feature an air-to-sea  missile Exocet Block 8.
Just before suvoler ribs, had to conduct a second supply due to the presence of 10 KC-2C RAN including the aircraft carrier operates 200km off the coast of Singapore.
Once over land, the pilots will have to find and destroy enemy armored columns heading to Kuching. These targets will be to deal with ammunition GBU-12, GBU-16 and AGM-65 or other, depend of the aircraft.
Of course, any enemy aircraft must be shot down if it directly threatens the success of the mission.
When hovering over the Chinese fleet and Indonesia, it is asked to pilot to perform a light recognition using their Sniper-XR designation pod.
During the way back, it will be made ​​a final in flight refuelling with the KC-2C of the RAN.

On their return, the pilots will flown nearly 3800km.

The Rafale A45-07, aircraft that I'll make