Author Topic: Robotech, other Sci-fi and even some planes and tanks for sale  (Read 2512 times)

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The following are for sale:

Robotech kits all have parts in original sealed bags and are all 1/72nd scale.
Kits with (S) by them are still in shrink wrap.

Revell Robotech

Zoltek $50
Condar (S) $50
Dromedin $80
Robot Recovery Unit $50
Strike Force $70

Other kits

Monogram Passenger Rocket (S) $40
AMT Star Wars Corporate Alliance Droid (S) $15
Polar Lights Lost in Space Jupitor 2 (1/48th) $50


Accurate Miniatures 1/48th IL-2 Stormovik with skis $20
Revell 1/28th Fokker DVII $20

Tamiya T-62A $15
Dragon Su-100 $20

I accept Paypal and shipping will be extra (remember, I am in the US).  If you include your zip code with your pm regarding which kit(s) you are interested in,  I will get back to you with a final cost with shipping.